Symposium "Innovative recovery technologies and anti-aging medicine"

The program of the Symposium "Innovative recovery technologies and medicine of anti-aging" will consider problems of branch and projects of its perspective development, including discussion of the best the practician, global trends in restoration, preservation and enhancement of health.

Main subjects of the Symposium:

  • modern technologies of medical rehabilitation;
  • sports medicine;
  • current trends in development of SPA, Wellness of technologies and the correcting dietology;
  • scientifically based technologies of anti-aging;
  • modern approaches to use traditional medicine;
  • innovative technologies in all listed fields of knowledge.




Professor, Dr. Baranova Elena

President of the European Institute of Personalized Prevention and Health. 
European commission Expert for Genomics and Anti-ageing Medicine
Co-Chairman of the Symposium

Starceva N.A.

The acting Director of FSBI "Russian scientific center of medical rehabilitation and balneology" of the Ministry of health, Russia


Obrezan A.G.

General and Medical Director of IMC «SOGAZ»
Doctor in Medical sciences
Doctor of the highest qualification category
Head of the Department of hospital therapy of the medical faculty Of St. Petersburg  University Member of the Presidium of the St. Petersburg Associat



Dr. Deby Vinski

President of World Council for Preventive, Regenerative, and Anti-aging Medicine (WOCPM)
The First Indonesian Anti-Aging Medicine Specialist
Scientific Advisor for WOSAAM Paris
Member of American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine
President of Indonesian Institute of Aesthetics and Anti-Aging Medicine (IIAAAM)
Minnikhanova G.A.
Founder and owner of the best Russian premium SPA-complex «LUCIANO».
Leading business expert in SPA, wellness, fitness and cosmetic technologies.



Misbakhova A.G.

Medical Director of Spa complex "LUCIANO"

Associate professor of a dermatovenereology of Kazan State Medical University

PhD in Medical sciences



Xavier P. Bocquet

Founder & CEO
YouDome, Monaco
Technological innovation using 3D/4D imagery for athlete monitoring and injury prevention

Professor Umberto Solimene

President of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC)
Director, World Health Organization (WHO) Collaborating Center for Traditional & Complementary Medicine, State University of Milan (Italy)
Report: «Research, development and innovation in balneology. The role of FEMTEC»

Dr. Natalia V. Chaurskaya

President of the European Association of Patients and Users of thermal centers (EAPTC)

Chief of the Dept. International Affairs of the World Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC)



Prof. Kim Seung Kuk

Neurosurgeon , МD,  PhD. Prof. Incheon Himchan Hospital, South Korea

Report: «Non-surgical technique, Pain management, Rehabilitation program at Himchan Hospital: 15 years of experience»


Dr. Eric Oquinarena

International expert of quantum medicine, founder of the Integrative Center of quantum medicine

Report: «The Quantum side of Health»


Dr. Bruno Turchetta 

Director of Villa Stuart clinic, Italy

Report: «The best technology in physiotherapy and rehabilitation is the human being»


Anıl ışık

Sports science and medical coordinator / Acibadem Sports FIFA Medical Center of Excellence

Head of Medical Team / Basaksehir FK

Executive bord member / Turkish Football Federation Health and Performance Commitee

Founder / Monilabb Athlete Monitoring System

Report: «An Innovative Approach for Injury Prevention & Peak Performance in Sports»


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